Daniel Vega

Age: 21

Location: Washington, DC / Blacksburg, Virginia

Favorite Riding Spot: I could ride Lombard street all day every day and never get bored of it.

How did you get started? My snowboard club at college hosted a Freebord demo. Justin Oliver was there helping people get the hang of it. Shortly after, I traded my old snowboard deck for a 77cm Fader alpha setup and never looked back.

How long have you been riding? 3 years

Best Freebord memory: 2010 Rider Awards in Las Vegas without question. I wouldn't call it much of a 'memory' but somewhere between bottomless mimosa brunch buffet, stumbling down the strip wreaking havoc with the CHoE crew ...i had a blast.

Board settings: 80cm bamboo with loosey goosey G3's and maxed out rocker